Ten Years From Now

Brian2Friday, December 12, 2024

I sit silently holding the note my sixteen year old daughter brought home from school, taking in the word stamped in red — “Suspended.” I look at her and know immediately what has happened, because we’ve been through this before. All I can do is shake my head, realizing this is not going to end well.

Over and over we’ve explained God’s word to her, as made explicit in Timothy 2:12:

“I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet.”

But again and again, she insists on challenging her science teacher, Mr. Atwood. “But he kept insisting the Earth is 5,000 years old. It’s not! It’s just NOT!” she cried.

We thought our troubles were done in 2017 when President Santorum signed the “Truth In Education Act.” We’d successfully banned the teaching of heretical ideas in our public schools. No longer would the elites be filling our dear children’s heads with nonsense like “evolution” “global climate change” a “heliocentric” solar system and universal “equality” for all. We thought we’d managed to shut down the threat of these queer ideas.

You recall 10 years ago I traveled the globe to help pious leaders, like current Secretary of State Scott Lively in his efforts to defend the family in Russia.


Russia4And based on our very successful pilot programs in Russia and Africa we implemented the “Family Values Act of 2018” which ended the abhorrent practice of radical activist homosexuals assembling our public spaces to wave their rainbow flags and to speak heresy against the family and our Christian values. The spectacles they called “Gay Pride Marches” were no more. We’d dissolved the “marriages” that activist judges with no education on God’s Law had endorsed. We’d also established the underground railroad that has successfully saved thousands of children from being raised by their perverted gay and lesbian parents. We even managed to ban the practice of gays becoming parents through adopt or surrogacy with the Natural Procreation Act of 2019, which made abstinence the official and only legal form of family planning in God’s United States.

But we didn’t count on the internet.

Though we’ve successfully driven the so-called “gay community” back underground, radical homosexual activists continue to spread dangerous propaganda on the internet.

We has checked her history and know our daughter has visited prohibited websites, The Nation, Huffington Post and The Economist. One day we even caught her reading Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique hidden behind the copy of Phyllis Schlafly’s Feminist Fantasies we gave her. After a gentle water boarding she even admitted there was a secret network that distributed birth control at her schoola clear violation of the Natural Procreation Act of 2019—which we all know makes abstinence the official and only legal form of family planning.

We’re in a difficult place right now, but we’re still in a place where we can fight for our values. It won’t be easy, but it can be done. It’s time we stood proud and had the courage to implement the final solution to the gay menace.

A decade ago, pious leaders like A decade ago, liberals thwarted our efforts to legislate God’s will for sodomites in Uganda, a provision before the parliament that would have ensure God’s judgement on Earth, as described in Romans 1:32:

“Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death.”

But only if you will step up and help with a financial contribution?

BlogThis post is a parody of a fundraising letter penned by National Organization for Marriage President Brian S. Brown on Dec 12, 2014. The original is here.  This site has no affiliation with the National Organization for Marriage and presents this material as satire.