Congratulations to Catholic Vote on One Million YouTube Views


Memeographs congratulates Catholic Vote on 1 million YouTube views of their new Supreme Court response video, Not Alone. This video is, by far, Catholic Vote’s most popular video to date, exceeding Catholic Vote’s second most watched video by over 800,000 views. Catholic Vote’s YouTube channel currently has just over 2,400 subscribers.

This heartfelt public service announcement speaks to Catholic voters who are despondent over the Supreme Court’s recent nationwide legalization of gay marriage in Obergefell v. Hodges. (Note: Recent polling suggest that fewer than 40% of U.S. Catholics actually agree with the Catholic Church on gay marriage; see Washington Post, also how the Catholic vote went in Ireland.)

It’s true the Supreme Court may have determined that gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender citizens are entitled to the same Equal Protection under the United States Constitution as other citizens. But Catholic Vote wants to assure you it’s still your right—even vitally important—to remind everyone you know that (Republican) God still hates gays. The theme “you are not alone,” is sure to resonate with the many Americans who feel they are fast losing their entitlement to obnoxiously lord their sincerely held belief in their own inherent supremacy over their fellow US citizens.

Not Alone also educates people that anti-gay Americans are the real oppressed victims who are now suffering so much that they are crying real tears on cue.

YouTube reviewer, Nick Murray found Not Alone hilarious, saying “Ha ha you are pretty much alone, hate to break it too you.” Thirsty Ti .Tee warned, “I collect your bigot tears in a mug and drink them.” Nico Nico Mikkun said, “This is disgusting.” Casper declared Not Alone, “the new worst video on youtube,” while Thom Miller was even more effusive, congratulating Catholic Vote “for creating the dumbest fucking video in the entire history of the Internet.”

Creative director of Memeographs, Scott Wooledge, offers this review:

“The auteurs at Catholic Vote have created an instant classic Christian cinematic masterpiece to rival Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas. Not since National Organization for Marriage’s “Gathering Storm” of 2008 have we seen delusional hyperbole, paranoia and self-pity lifted to such delirious heights. Like an episode of The Bachelor or a Lindsey Lohan court appearance, Not Alone is both terrifying and impossible to look away from. This important piece of filmmaking will surely inspire countless imitators, but Not Alone is so earnest in its own clueless, privileged insensitivity that parody may be superfluous (see Poe’s Law). Still, I look forward to seeing what influence this motion picture exerts on Stephen Colbert and the creative staff at The Daily ShowFunny or Die and Saturday Night Live.

The milestone contribution Catholic Vote has made to the art of cinema will surely resonate on the internet for a while. Soundly Awake was inspired to create this homage to Not Alone.

Gawker too was inspired to fire up iMovie and get their Not Alone on, view it here.

You may view the original Catholic Vote video here.