The Mind Behind The Memes

Scott Wooledge

From an early age, Scott was torn between the love of words and the love of imagery. He studied both Graphic Communication at Detroit’s College for Creative Studies (emphasis in Art Direction) and Journalism from august Detroit Free Press veterans at Wayne Stare University. His first professional job was as a technical writer at Gail & Rice Communications working on Chevrolet accounts. As the PC revolution swept businesses, Scott lead his companies’ transition into in-house “desktop publishing.” He was eventually promoted to Gail & Rice’s first in-house Art Director, overseeing production of General Motor’s training materials. While vacationing in New York City in 1993, a career opportunity presented itself in the art department of Esquire magazine, which began a long career in consumer magazines, including Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide, Us Weekly, and Time Out New York.

A long-time political activist, in fall of 2008 Scott journeyed to Sarasota, Florida to help Barack Obama win the state. He has since worked on several US House and Senate races, as well as marriage equality campaigns in New York and Washington state.

Initially, Scott began designing memes just as a fun a hobby. Soon he found himself approached by candidates and campaigns asking for specific ideas.

Skills acquired in the packaging and selling of pop culture subjects has greatly enhanced Scott’s transition from dead-tree media to social variety.

Here’s a piece of paper you can print out.